1. How did the setting of the book contribute to the mystery?
  2. What did you think of the main character? What did you think of the other characters? Were the characters engaging, fully developed, emotionally complex? Were they wholly good or bad or something in-between? Would you read further crime-solving adventures with this sleuth?
  3. Every murder mystery begins with a murder. Was the first murder in this book credible or creative? How about shocking or memorable? What about the other murders?
  4. What did you like most about the book?
  5. What did you like the least?
  6. What was the cozy trope or tropes? (I.e. baking, tea, pets, travel, crafts, etc.) How well was the trope incorporated into the story? Would you have liked to see anything done differently?
  7. Was there a plot twist you didn’t see coming? Did it enhance the story or feel forced or far-fetched?
  8. Do you feel there were subplots?
  9. How well did the author integrate the mystery into the story? Was it an integral part or did it seem like an afterthought? What could I have done better?
  10. Were you able to figure out who the killer or culprit was? Was the solution probable? Would you have ended it differently?
  11. Was this book a page turner for you?
  12. Who was your favorite character? Why?
  13. Who was your least favorite character? Why?
  14. What was your favorite passage in the book? How does the style add to the narrative in this passage?
  15. What do you think the purpose of this book was? What ideas or themes was the book trying to get across?
  16. Did the main character grow or change in this book?
  17. Was there a character other than the main character who grew or changed? Who was that character and how did that character transform the course of the book?
  18. “Things are never as they seem.” This is one of the author’s favorite themes. Was there anything you initially thought was one way, but it turned out to be something else?
  19. The goal of every mystery-suspense novel is to provide a few hours of enjoyment. Overall, did you enjoy this book? Did it live up to the standards of a good cozy mystery? 
  20. If you could ask the author of this book one question, what would it be?
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