Mid September ’23

Are you ready for a new puzzle?
Riddle: What is a math teacher’s favorite dessert? 
Riddle requiring a little more ingenuity: Old Grandpa Adams left half his money to his granddaughter and half that amount to his grandson. He left a sixth to his brother, and the remainder, $1,000, to the Old Dogs’ Home. How much did he leave altogether? Answers in the next newsletter.
It’s September, and the trees are beginning to show their colors. The temperatures are in the fifties at night and low eighties during the day. Our dog, like Maverick, will stop and smell the air, I’m sure sniffing out the pheasants. And I’m writing book number seven, (but I may need help with a title when the time comes).
Fortunately, I’ve been busy with books talks, library visits, and author presentations with these coming up:
Little Falls MN Library : 11 am. on September 23
Retired Educations State Meeting: 4:45 Willmar Conference Center on September 25
Marshall MN Library: 6:30 October 5
“She’s All That and a Detective to Boot” Panel: 6:00 Mahtomedi Wildwood Library, October 16
Jones von Drehle Winery: North Carolina author signing, October 21Once Upon a Crime Bookstore: Author signing 12 – 2
October 28 
And I’ve loved what I’ve been reading
LAURA HERN: Christmas Corpse at Caribou Cabin and Bowling Bodies at Spare Lanes Alley
AMY VANSANT: Pineapple Port Mysteries 6 – 14
ELLEN BYRON: Bayou Book Thief
LOIS WINSTON: Anastasia Pollock Mysteries 8 – 9
L. C. HAYDEN: When Memory Fails and What Lies Beyond the Fence
J. D. ROBB: Payback in Death
CONNIE SHELTON: Haunted Sweets
LISA JEWELL: None of This Is True What are YOU reading?
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I had so much fun speaking on a mystery writers’ panel at Bouchercon with Karen Phillips, Ona Russell, and Rebecca Tope.
Happy sleuthing!Mary
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