NC in October

The colors are gorgeous.AND WE STILL MAY HAVE MANY PLACES TO MEET !A collection of books with pictures of ships

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THE WRITE STUFF (from Maverick) 
A, B, C, D, and E live on Math Avenue which has houses numbered from 10 to 111 inclusive. Two of them live in the same house, the other three in different houses. They make various remarks, not all true, about their houses.
A: 1. My house number is a factor of B’s.2. E’s number is 10 greater than D’s.
B: 1. My number is over 70.2. A’s number is more than 30.
C: 1. My number is a cube and a square.   2. D’s number is greater than 50.
D: 1. My number is a square.2. B’s number is a cube.
E: 1. My number is twice B’s.
A study of these remarks revealed the fact that all the statements made by those who lived in houses whose numbers were greater than 50 were false; all statements made by the others were true.
A lives in house number 16. 

B lives in house number 64. 
C and E live in house number 59. 
D lives in house number 49.
North Carolina
Arborcrest Gardens
A forest with trees and bushes

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Jones von Drehle Vineyard and Winery
A person standing behind a table with a book

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The fall landscape
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