2019 Semi-finalist Chanticleer International Book Awards (Unpublished Manuscript)

Description: What you pick up after a dog shouldn’t include dead bodies. Still grappling with the death of her husband, former cryptanalyst Katie Wilk takes a job teaching high school math in a town where Titanic trivia is more than just a game. So when her dog Maverick finds the body of the much-admired hometown moviemaker, and she stumbles on encoded messages luring her students to deadly drug parties, Katie realizes she is the only one who can stop the next murder from happening. Mixed in correct proportions, dogs, numbers, puzzles, and murder can be essential ingredients for intrigue.

Praise for the Katie and Maverick Cozy Mysteries:

“Immediately captivating! Katie and Maverick are destined to become a notable amateur sleuth team in the mystery world.” Connie Shelton, USA Today bestselling author

Abandoning a promising career in cryptanalysis, Katie finds a job teaching in a small Midwest town. Her husband bequeathed her a dog she can’t control and a dying wish that she leads a full life, but her dog Joey has a gift for delivering lacy lingerie into the hands of her male visitors, barking from the kitchen table, and dragging Katie around by the leash. However, it’s his ability to find bodies that makes her new close-knit community wary, but when Joey rescues the toddler next door, he’s applauded and Katie is encouraged to certify him as a search-and-rescue canine.

Description: Katie Wilk’s husband’s dying wish is that she leads a full life. She takes a job teaching math in a small midwest town. But he also left her a dog and it’s Maverick’s ability to find bodies that makes her new close-knit community wary. But when Maverick rescues the toddler next door, he’s applauded and Katie is encouraged to certify him as a search-and-rescue canine. When high-school sisters disappear, Katie uses her problem-solving skills to decode a message left by one of the girls. She and Maverick search for answers she might not wish to hear: sex-trafficking can happen in her own backyard, and if she isn’t quick enough, she might never see the girls again.

“Cozy readers everywhere will love the endearing pairing of a high school math teacher and her unruly British Labrador as they learn how to become a Search and Rescue team. From navigating small town life to solving puzzling murders, Katie and Maverick are a delight.”

—Mindy Mejia, international bestseller author of Everything You Want Me To Be and Strike Me Down.


Katie and Maverick are out for their walk when Maverick dashes through the moving gate at a self-storage facility and they get locked in. By the time the police respond to the silent alarms the pair have set off, the smell of exhaust fumes has begun to seep from one of the garage-sized units, and the car inside is quickly engulfed in a ball of flame. Was it a suicide that turned extra messy, or did someone rig the expensive sports car to explode and kill the woman inside?
When Katie starts to ask the tough questions, it seems there were a long list of people who didn’t much care for Sophie Grainger and several of them had motives for murder. But Katie also has her days full with the upcoming holiday season and her students who are participating in a mock-trial competition. Will the kids make it to the state finals under the expert coaching of a local attorney who has joined their team? And will Katie and Maverick have a wonderful Christmas this year, the first in which Katie’s dad has been home since the horrific shooting incident that nearly killed him?

Join Katie, Maverick, and their newfound extended family for the holidays, mixed, of course with the usual action from their Search and Rescue operations and the breathless drama that Mary Seifert brings to all her mystery novels.

“As cozy as a hurricane, Tinsel, Trials & Traitors delivers an intricate mystery with plenty of action and suspense.  Plus, I like the dog.” David Housewright, Edgar Award winning author of Something Wicked

Christmas is fast approaching, but the joy and activity of the holiday season is marred by death. There’s a history between Katie’s landlady, Ida Clemashevski, and her neighbor, the elegant Grace Loehr. The two hadn’t spoken in 40 years and had just recently made amends. But when they both bid on the same unusual art piece at the Holiday Gala, the claws come out again. Katie Wilk’s idea is to have the artist simply make another of his intricate creations, something along the same lines, but when she goes to his studio to propose the idea, she discovers he’s been murdered.

Take a mysterious secret staircase into the holiday season, from Halloween to New Year’s Day, with this collection of seasonal cozy mystery short stories from an elite group of authors. Each story features the characters from the author’s ongoing series. Read about your old favorites, meet some new ones!

Halloween, Hound, & Housesitting – Mary Seifert’s new Katie & Maverick mystery kicks off the holiday season with a delightfully spooky house of tricks and a few ghostly surprises. As always, Maverick the search-and-rescue retriever makes sure the clues are found before the witching hour!

The Case of the Secret Staircase from J.M. Poole, the bestselling author of The Corgi Case Files.

The Birdless Thanksgiving Affair by Amazon bestselling author, Rick Adelmann.

Hanukkah Sweets by USA Today bestselling author, Connie Shelton.

The Christmas Fairy by Jennifer J. Morgan.

Champagne Can Be Murder Connie Shelton’s USA Today bestselling Charles Parker series.

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